Saturday, January 1, 2011

4-H SET Rocket Project Blasts Off

Two Rock 4-H SET constructed two different types of rockets in December and January as a part of this years project theme "Kid Powered Creations". Our first project was air powered rockets. We used a mixture of home made supplies like cardboard tubes for rocket bodies, poster foam board for fins and ping pong balls for rocket noses. Our launchers were made from plastic PVC pipe and fittings, a sprinkler solenoid valve, two nine volt batteries and a foot pump to pressurize the air chamber.

After sorting out some problems with leaks and fittings, we ventured out in the pouring rain to press a button and launch our rockets. The kids and parent had a great time experimenting with how high they could launch their rocket. We found out that above 80-90 PSI on the air pump produced some interesting results - like exploding rockets!