2011-12 Activities

Robotics With OLLO and Lego

For our 2011-12 4-H SET project season, we are diving back into robotics with the introduction of two very exciting robotics kit platforms, Robotis OLLO and Lego NXT Mindstorms. These kits will challenge kids into learning new concepts about reading and following directions, construction, mechanics and problem solving. We will have at least four activity sessions and 2-3 public displays to show off our creations. Parents are urged to participate at each event and help their children problem solve.

Meeting #1 - Introduction to Robotis OLLO
Sunday December 18, 2-4 PM at Hobbytown Petaluma
Kit Cost: $25/child
In our introductory meeting, we will explore Robotis OLLO Action kits. There are robotic kits that kids can build one of four different mechanical robots. We will learn about reading directions, laying out parts and assembling small parts that form our robots.

Meeting #2 - Advanced OLLO Robotics
Sunday January 22, 1-4 PM at Hobbytown Petaluma
Advanced robotics...

Meeting #3 - Introduction to Lego Mindstorms
Sunday February 19, 1-4 PM at Hobbytown Petaluma

Meeting #4 - Projects With Lego Mindstorms
Sunday, March 11, 1-4 PM at Hobbytown Petaluma

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