Sunday, November 1, 2009

Binary Player Robot

Binary Player Robot is very “predictable”, two-wheeled robot. An internal program stored on a memory disk created by the user determines where the robot will go. Binary Player Robot is easily re-programmable by the controller… you.

Binary Player Robot is controlled by black and white patterns on a paper disk, which are read by an infrared sensor. Particular patterns activate either of two wheels to turn left, right, forward, or pause. These on/off commands illustrate the basic principles of binary coding, and is a great introduction to young minds about how robots are programmed. To change a movement program, the operator simply creates a new disk pattern. Set your course and explore the fascinating world of Binary Player Robot! This Robot has already won all these awards:

* “2005 Top Toy of the Year Award” – Creative Child Magazine
* “2005 100 Best Children’s Product” – Dr. Toy
* “2005 10 Best Children’s Software High Tech” – Dr. Toy

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