Friday, November 20, 2009

Loopin Textile Electronics Kit

Not every project that has great learning value needs to be a robot that walks or rolls. Sometimes, the real value is in the process of building and exploration.

The Loopin textile electronics kit looks like a plush toy that you assemble, but what’s inside is not the usual stuffing. Instead we have batteries and electronic hardware. Made of felt pieces that you fit together, the finished creature’s eyes light up when their smart soft ears are touched together, or to the ears of another Loopin. The kit can be configured in one of two ways, so that you can have two characters in one. Make a happy or a grumpy Loopin as many times as you wish while learning the circuitry. Loopin provides a fun and accessible introduction to electronics, for both boys and girls, and is also a great hands-on craft project. Comes in a variety of colors, and you can also choose your own. You can purchase the Loopin textile kite here.

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